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Our Mission

The mission of Elysian Tree Museum of World Art is to welcome all to celebrate the
World spirit in a setting that unites the power of art with the beauty of nature. We also hope to
preserve the rich history of the art while allowing people to experience its grandeur.


Elysian Tree Museum of World Art is non-profit meaning that admission is and always will be completely FREE (unless it is a special exhibition).

Natural Beauty

Elysian Tree features a beautiful walk through Magic Gardens (which has streams and small waterfalls), a mountain bike trail, and an overlook area where visitors get an amazing view of the Elysian Tree Museum campus. There are many acres of enclosed wildlife in which visitors can explore on a guided tour.


Siddhartha Milkuri, Charan Chitturi, and Harshith Gurduru led teams of engineers, designers, and artists in the creation of Elysian Tree. Established on November 11, 1998, the museum has become one of the most famous and prestigious museum in the United States, containg art from all over the globe.

Guest Reviews

Don't take our word for it, listen to the reviews of people who have visited
Elysian Tree Museum of World Art and have been moved by the experience.

Rohan Singh

A lovely way to spend several hours. The buildings and surroundings were as wonderful as the art contained inside. The staff is fantastic. The architecture is well-worth seeing as well. Definitely one of the best art museums in the country.

Arya Waikar

I LOVE coming here! There is so much to see and do. This is genuinely the only museum I've been to that has brought out different kinds of emotions through the different styles of art. Going to Elysian Tree has changed my perception of what art is and can be.

Sricharan Janapareddy

This place is amazing! I've been to many museums around the country but none of them have been as impeccable as Elysian Tree in Bentonville, Arkansas. Please do yourself a favor and go enjoy this place when you get a chance!


Elysian Tree Museum of World Art is
more than just an Art Museum.

Restaurant and Coffee Bar

The Resteraunt and Coffee Bar offers dining for guests on a glass-enclosed bridge overlooking the ponds.

Museum Store

Designed by architect Marlon Blackwell, the store allows you to purchase a memoir of your Elysian Tree experience.


The library features more than 50,000 volumes of art reference material.

Trails and Sculptures

10 miles of walking trails link the museum's 600-acre park and wildlife enclosure to the museum itself and other facilities.


Elysian Tree Museum of World Art has many locations that are a perfect to host a party/event at. Contact us for more information.

Modern and Historical Art

Our selective yet broad catalouge of all types and time periods of art are curated from credited artists and historians.
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